“We found something!”

     Both Asher and I hurry to the master bedroom where a team has been searching.

    “I pulled up this rug, and sure enough, there was a hole cut in the floor,” Officer Thibideaux says. “And I found this.”

    He points to the box sitting on the bed. It’s made of wood and has something sculpted into the lid.

   “It’s a star,” I say, staring down at it.

   “It’s a pentagram.” I spin at Brielle’s voice behind me. “I couldn’t figure out why he could see me when I was dream-walking, or how he could touch me in the dream. I’m pretty sure Sarah’s sensitive and may not know it, and that’s why she could see me. But him? I couldn’t figure it out at first.

   “But after being here, in his house, and having my own shields down somewhat, I know. Not only is he psychic, but he’s also a witch. That’s a pentagram. I don’t know how long he’s been practicing. I don’t know how powerful he was or where he learned his craft. I don’t know if he comes from a line of witches. But I’ll start doing some research and ask around. But you all need to know before you open that box that it most likely has a protective spell on it, and it may have a booby trap hex, as well.”

    “A booby trap hex?” Asher asks, a smirk appearing. “Is that the official term?”

   “No, the official term is it could burn your hand off if you touch it. Does that help?”

   Thibideaux shakes his head and reaches for the box. When a bolt of lightning shocks his hand, he backs right off in surprise.

   “How do we open it, then?” Asher asks.

    Millie walks into the room, takes a deep breath, and smiles. “Because the one who cast the spell is dead, I can break it. Give me some room, please.”

We all stand back and watch with rapt attention as she splays her hands over the box, looks up to the sky, and begins to chant.

   “Lord and Lady working for me and through me, assist me in breaking the spell cast on this object. The wielder has passed beyond the veil and no longer holds sway over this object or its contents. For the good of all, according to free will, grant me access, and—”

I don’t really hear all of the words she says after that. The room grows warm, and light fills the space, and then it’s gone in a flash as Millie sighs deeply.

    “There, it’s safe.”

     Asher reaches for the box, and nothing happens to his hands when he removes the lid.


     I join him and feel my jaw tighten at what’s inside.

    “Looks like he had a thing for eyeballs,” Asher says quietly.

     There must be a hundred eyeballs in the box.

    “Get this to the ME,” Asher says. “I want to know how many there are. If he took both of his victims’ eyes, or just one. I want to know everything about this son of a bitch.”

    I walk out of the room and lead all three sisters out of the house. They all look exhausted.

    “They haven’t found his body yet,” Millie says and turns to Daphne. “Were you able to pick anything up on him?”

    “I touched things in there,” Daphne says, her voice trembling slightly. “All I saw were echoes. Memories. Nothing from the present.”

    “He’s here,” Brielle says, looking down at her feet. “He’s been following us through the house, grinning. He’s proud of his work.”

   “If that isn’t the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is,” Millie says.



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