Hostile Takeover


Hostile Takeover, an all-new enemies to lovers MM romance from Lucy Lennox is coming October 26th and we have your FIRST look! 

It was supposed to be a prank. A silly frat boy dare.


One hot moment in a hidden storage closet. One kiss. No consequences.


But if you get that close to a man with fire in his eyes, you’re gonna get burned, and I was no exception. One taste of Grey Blackwood ruined me for life.


The way Grey sees it, I was the one who did the ruining. I humiliated him. Wrecked his life. Destroyed his future.


Doesn’t matter that he’s clawed his way back and then some. Doesn’t matter that he’s already top of the Wall Street food chain. The man’s ruthless. Heartless. And he likes his revenge served cold.


Now he’s taking down the companies owned by every frat boy who did him wrong. And when he comes for my family’s company, the quiet life I’ve built for myself far away from Manhattan comes crumbling down, too.


But when Grey’s standing in our boardroom, threatening a hostile takeover and demanding I negotiate on behalf of my family, I don’t see an enemy. I see the chance I’ve been waiting for.


The chance for another night in his arms, and hopefully a whole lot more.


Let the negotiations begin.


Hostile Takeover is a full-length, standalone novel.



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Sneak Peek 



Suddenly the room went oddly quiet. I glanced up and noticed a server had, in fact, entered the room. But it wasn’t the redhead. 

It was Grey Blackwood. 

The kid from the projects who’d caddied at the country club for years. 

The business student prodigy who’d landed himself a full ride to Yale. 

The guy in my calculus class last semester who’d leaned over and asked to borrow my graphing calculator, and whose unique scent—coffee and limes or some shit—had made my dick move when it had never, ever moved for a guy before. 

The gorgeous man I’d low-key been obsessing over every day since then, which accounted for all the times I’d hung out at the country club this summer, hoping to catch a glimpse from afar, and for all the soul-searching I’d been doing about my sexuality. 

My heart beat so fast I thought I might faint right there. 

Grey strode over to one of the high-top tables on the far side of an empty pool table and began loading dirty glasses onto a tray. When one of the guys made a crass comment about one of the female servers, Grey’s jaw tightened. I wondered if he felt as uncomfortable here as I did, as frustrated by the pretentious bullshit as I was. 

I felt everyone’s eyes on me as I watched Grey focus on his task. As soon as he left the room again, the guys around me burst into noisy chatter all at once. 

“Dude, obviously we meant a chick,” Drake said with a laugh. 

“What?” I asked, still trying to shake off the haze I seemed to get when I was around Grey Blackwood. 

Someone slapped the back of Drake’s head. “Don’t be a homophobe. What’s wrong with the dude? It’s just a kiss in the closet, for fuck’s sake. C’mon, York. You got game either way, right?”

Several of the guys hooted and high-fived, but Drake seemed upset about it. “For real, guys. I meant a girl. Obviously.”

Tanner Young rolled his eyes. “You saying there’s something wrong with kissing a guy? Do we need to have a conversation right now?”

Tanner had been out of the closet since our last days of Little League. Or at least it had seemed that way. Drake’s foot was fully in his mouth. He looked at me in slight panic. “Not what I’m saying at all. It’s just—”

“It’s fine,” I said as nonchalantly as possible. Inside, I was a nervous wreck. Somehow, I’d agreed to kiss Grey Blackwood in a closet on a dare? Was I dreaming? “I’ll do it. No big deal.”

Maybe it was the liquor speaking, or maybe it was the bi-curious asshole in my head, who seemed to have taken over my better judgment. Either way, I wasn’t one to shirk a dare, even if I hadn’t known exactly what I was agreeing to. 

Besides, this was like permission from the universe to do the thing I’d been dreaming about for weeks. The perfect excuse had just been handed to me on a silver platter. 

Someone asked Kirby, “Isn’t that the scholarship kid who’s going to work for your dad after graduation? They doing charity work now or something?” Several other guys laughed. 

“Yeah, dude, but supposedly he’s hella smart,” Kirby said. “Better him than me. I’d rather earn my money the old-fashioned way, you know?”

A chorus of voices sang, “Inheriting it,”before breaking into laughter again. 

I ignored them and slid off the stool, barely catching myself before stumbling. Great. If I could find Grey and then find the storage closet, I’d be golden. “Be right back, yeah?” I said, once again trying my hardest to act not-drunk and not-overly-interested in the dare. 

Everyone cheered me on and slapped me on the back as I made my way out the open doorway and into the hall. I glanced toward the dining room, hoping like hell Grey wasn’t in the process of serving drinks to my father. 

“You lost?”

I whipped my head around in the other direction and saw the man I’d been looking for. 

“Yeah, um. No? I mean…no?” Super. This was off to a stellar start. Grey’s eyebrows lowered. 

“You okay, man? Need the men’s room?”

I met his eyes. They were fucking gorgeous. Clear blue-green and intense as shit. “Um.”I swallowed. “No. No, I need…”

You. This. Us.

 I cleared my throat. “I want…” He frowned and approached me, reaching out to clasp my elbow. “Come with me. I’ll get you a glass of water.”

Good. That was good. 

“Can we…can we go somewhere private?”