Every perfect rom-com has a twist that leads the heroine to her happily ever after.


Me? Somehow, in any room full of prince charmings, I always manage to find the one frog.


So this time, I’ve found my own twist. Four of my friends will each set me up. Four first dates. Four chances at my own happily-ever-after.


My brother’s best friend even offered to watch my baby while I’m out finding true love. 


Only Maddox has sure grown up since I saw him last. The guy next door now looks more like the guy on a magazine cover. He’s inked and sexy. Muscular. Utterly irresistible. And… big.


Surely having a brother’s-friend-with-benefits won’t hurt my search for Mr. Right.


Especially if he’s my fifth first date...

Five First Dates, an all-new single parent rom-com from New York Times bestselling author Erin McCarthy, is coming March 23rd and we have the FIRST look!


   I woke up with a start, sitting up in panic. There was drool in the corner of my mouth. Why was I in bed? Where was my son?

   I stumbled out of bed, heart racing.  

   I remembered almost immediately that Maddox had arrived and had told me to take a power nap. Right. Geez. I slowed down in the hallway, putting my hand onto my chest to take a deep breath and calm down. Sully was fine. He was with Maddox. 

   But when I went into the living room, they weren’t there. I realized the bathroom door was closed and the shower was running. Hold on. If Maddox was in the shower, where was Sully? Was he lying on my bathroom floor, which I had to admit, hadn’t been cleaned recently? The thought of my child rolling around on that cold, damp germ-riddled floor had me opening the bathroom door to rescue him. 

   Sully wasn’t on the floor. He wasn’t anywhere to be found. 

   My panic kicked into high gear again, and without hesitating, I ripped back the shower curtain to demand Maddox explain where the hell my child was.    The words died on my tongue. Because Sully was in the shower with Maddox, looking pink and chubby and delighted, hand out in front of him to catch the water as he rested comfortably on Maddox’s hip. 

   Maddox’s naked hip. 

   Maddox, who didn’t look pink and chubby and delighted. 

   Maddox, who looked like a hard, sexy-as-hell, bad boy. 

   His head was under the water, body turned toward me so Sullivan was out of the direct line of the stream. Which meant I could see every single full-frontal inch of Maddox. He was hard. Everywhere. Muscles on muscles, decorated with tattoos over a good fifty percent of his incredible body.     Incredible and firm body. 

   I tried not to look at everything. I really tried. But my gaze seemed to have a life of its own and took a peek at his lower body. 

   My mouth went dry. My cheeks hot. 

   That was a big cock. 

   Inches from me. 

   “Hey, is everything okay?” he asked, pulling me out of my dumbfounded stupor. 

  I yanked my gaze back to his face, mortified. 

   “You didn’t sleep very long,” he said when I just stared at him. He didn’t look even remotely uncomfortable with the fact that he was standing under a stream of hot water totally naked in front of me. 

   Finally, I pried my tongue off of the roof of my mouth. “I’m sorry, oh my God. I didn’t mean to…” I gestured to his body. “I just woke up and I didn’t know where Sully was and I freaked out. I’m not used to having help…” I trailed off, pressing my lips shut. 

   Maddox just gave me a grin. “Not a problem. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I should have told you I wanted a shower.” 

   Sully reached for me, bless his little heart. He saved me from further embarrassment. 

   “Grab a towel before you take him,” Maddox said. “He’s slippery.” He looked down at Sully and bounced him on his hip a little. “Aren’t you, little man?” 

   Now that my eyes were studiously focused above the waist, and I’d dragged my sex-deprived mind out of the gutter, I was amazed at how at ease Maddox was with my son. He’d been made to hold a baby, and as I reached for a towel, I felt a yearning for a father for Sully for the first time ever. 

   This was all really confusing, dangerous, and potentially disastrous. 

   I needed sleep and sex, clearly. 

   Towel in hand I got as close as was necessary to take Sully safely without touching any of Maddox’s naked body. My cheeks were hot. “Maybe I can take a shower after you,” I said. “I think I’m on day three without one.” 

   “You could hop in now,” he said. “There’s room.” 

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