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ARC Approval Process


Please be aware we have a limited number of advance review copies (ARCs) per title and are unable to approve all requests. 


To be approved for all requested ARCs,  be sure you fill out the form completely, including all necessary links. Incomplete sign ups will not not be considered for advance review copies. 

All social media, retailer and Goodreads accounts must be public to be considered. If you’re a part of our Master List and need to update any information, please email

When approving review applicants, Social Butterfly PR is looking for reviewers with consistent social media engagement, posting activity and past review history.  All reviews should be spoiler-free. Each available title is subject to a limited number of advance review copies made available from authors and/or publishers. 


All ARC signups are for digital copies only unless stated otherwise on the form. All ARCs will be sent directly to Kindle addresses or distributed via NetGalley, depending on the title. SPBR will never email you the file directly. No exceptions. 

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Jace and Andrea. Andrea and Jace. From the moment of their fate-filled first meeting in Central Park they’ve known one true thing—they’re meant to be.

Life doesn’t have many certainties but for Andrea and Jace forever is one of them.

Andrea Leighton-Hughes—shockingly wealthy Upper East Sider, a chess-piece in her family’s games since before she was born—knows what it’s like to hide behind a mask. Her world is one of lies, manipulation, and reputation. Jace is the first and only person to see who she truly is.

Jace Morgan is no stranger to tragedy and every day is a struggle to get by. A musical prodigy from the Bronx, Jace and his brothers will do whatever it takes to climb to the top of the music charts. Andrea is the first and only person who has helped him play from the heart.

No one understands their connection. No one understands their love.

As Jace and Andrea struggle to stay together and prove that love defeats all obstacles, life sets out to prove them wrong.

What happens when two people promise forever, but life tears them apart?
What happens in the time they aren’t together—in the space between?

A love that lasts decades and a friendship that never dies. Sarah Ready’s The Space Between is a novel full of passion, betrayal, longing, and redemption—where love and lyrics hold the key to everything.


Tropes/Themes: Second chance, found family, childhood best friends, secret identity, rich girl/poor boy, musician, forgiveness, redemption 


The first time I see my high school crush since graduation, I’m a thirty-year-old woman laying on the table for a pap smear.

He’s the hot, newly single doctor who just moved back to his hometown, hoping to find some stability for his daughter. Meanwhile, I’m a hot mess, just fired from my job and ousted from company housing. I’m living in my old bedroom and trying to get my appointments in before my insurance runs out along with what little is left of my money.

That’s when Fletcher tells me we may be able to help each other out. He needs a live-in nanny for his daughter over the summer, and the last three have quit after a day.

With no other job options in my small hometown, I quickly accept.

After all, I’ve dealt with pigheaded, balding middle managers. I can handle an eight-year-old girl . . . right?


If I can’t help her and set aside my feelings for this hot single dad, I’ll need to find a new job away from my family and outside of the town I love.


Hello Doctor is full of sweet moments with a firecracker of a little girl, her dad with a heart of gold, and the woman who brings them both together. Grab your copy of this spicy contemporary romance between a nanny and her smoldering boss today!

Tropes:  Single Dad, Boss/Nanny, Close Family Bonds, Fulfilling Female Friendships, Brother’s Best Friend,​ Steamy Small Town, Second Chance at Love,​ MMC Emotional scars/Broken, MMC Dark Secret, Plus size heroine & a hero who loves her curves


He spent twenty years in prison.
She spent twenty years living a lie

At 2:00 a.m. Sylvia Stone awakens to a letter on her doorstep suggesting the handsome carpenter who was convicted of murdering her mother twenty years earlier is innocent. The anonymous letters continue, each one revealing details only the true killer would know, making Sylvia question her testimony so many years ago.

Newly released from prison, Rhett Cohen has spent the last two decades with only one thing on his mind: Find the man who framed him for killing Marjorie Stone, and kill him. Rhett will do anything to get his revenge, including manipulating the late woman’s daughter.

But suddenly, Sylvia disappears.

Public interest in the twenty-year-old case reignites around Sylvia’s disappearance. The suspect? The man she accused of murder—the reticent former inmate, Rhett Cohen.

Under mounting pressure from the police and media, Rhett must find Sylvia, convince the angry small-town mob that he is innocent, and prove he was framed—or risk going back to prison for life.

In this twisted tale of revenge, deception, and forbidden love, there are two sides to every story, and two faces with every crime.


THE STONE SECRET is perfect for readers of  Verity by Colleen Hoover, Gillian Flynn, Jeneva Rose, Karin Slaughter, and Lisa Jewell

Tropes/Themes: Revenge, Forbidden Love, Deception


Aster Wildes is the last true witch of New Orleans. 

Behind the walls of a French Quarter speakeasy, Aster sells magic potions to a family of vampires. It’s not a glamorous job and barely pays her mortgage, but Aster knows what her coven expects of her…

Create elixirs that allow vampires to survive, don’t fraternize with said vampires, and never, ever conduct business on the side.

Despising vampires makes these rules easy to follow until Bastian Delacroix reappears. And after years of being absent, does he really have to smile at Aster the way he does? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to act like the other vampires—exude doom and gloom rather than rakish charm? 

With the nerve to propose a secret deal, Bastian requests that Aster concoct a potion that allows vampires to walk in the sun, and in return, she’ll be handsomely rewarded for her crime.

Although Aster knows better than to trust vampires, she finds herself giving in to the allure of financial freedom . . . and to him.

The two embark on an illicit journey, allowing Aster to see a new side of Bastian, one that’s charismatic and tender. When business inevitably mixes with pleasure, they find themselves carried away by a romance as forbidden as the potion they’ve created.

But there are stakes in the bayou where witches have burned for treason, and when Aster is in danger of being exposed, she knows she will have to make a choice—Bastian or the coven her blood is tied to. 

It’s a predicament no amount of magic can solve.

Tropes/Themes: Enemies-to-lovers, Forbidden Love, Secret Societies, Vampires/Witches , Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance 

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