Open Promotional Tours

We would be honored if you would join us in the following events:

Release Blitz: November 26th 

Bookstagram Blitz: November 26th 

Blog Tour: December 2nd-4th

Audition by Skye Warren

Release Blitz - December 19th
Bookstagram Blitz - December 19th

Personal (Private #3) by Xavier Neal

Bookstagram Blitz - December 19th
Release Blitz - December 19th

Saddle Up: A Ryker Ranch Romance by Kim Loraine

Bookstagram Blitz - November 21st
Release Blitz - November 21st

The imPerfect Guy by Leddy Harper

Cover Reveal: November 14th
Release Blitz - November 21st
Bookstagram Blitz - November 21st


The Long Road to Us by M.N. Forgy

Between Now and Always

Release Blitz: December 9th

Bookstagram Blitz: December 9th

Blog Tour: December 10th-12th

The Forever Trilogy by Dylan Allen

 The Rebel King

Release Blitz: November 18th 

Bookstagram Blitz: November 18th 

Blog Tour: November 19th-21st

All the King's Men Duet by Kennedy Ryan

Cover Reveal: December 11th

Release Blitz: January 6th

Bookstagram Blitz: January 6th 

Blog Tour: January 7th-9th

Release by Aly Martinez

Release Blitz: November 19th 

Bookstagram Blitz: November 19th

Blog Tour: November 20th-21st & November 25th

Dangerous Games by J.T. Geissinger 

Release Blitz: November 19th
Blog Tour: November 20th-21st & November 25th-26th

ITUE by L.J. Shen

Release Blitz: December 10th
Blog Tour: December 11-13th

The Boyfriend Blog by KL Grayson

Release Blitz: December 2nd
Bookstagram Blitz: December 2nd

Blog Tour: December 3rd-5th

Cover and Title Reveal for Tijan

Release Blitz: December 3rd-4th

Bookstagram Blitz: December 3rd

Holiday Ever After Anthology

Bookstagram Blitz: November 19th

ITUE by L.J. Shen Bookstagram Tour

Release Blitz: February 4th

Bookstagram Blitz: February 4th

Blog Tour: February 5th-6th & February 10th

Long Lost by Lexi Blake

Release Blitz: November 15th
Bookstagram Blitz: November 15th
Blog Tour: November 18th-20th

Iron Crowne by CD Reiss

Release Blitz: November 21st

Bookstagram Blitz: November 21st
Blog Tour: November 25th-27th

Break the Rules by Roxie Noir

Cover Reveal: December 5th

Release Blitz: February 18th

Bookstagram Blitz: February 18th
Blog Tour: February 19th-20th & February 24th

Beautifully Broken Control by Catherine Cowles

Release Blitz: November 12th
Bookstagram Blitz: November 12th
Blog Tour: November 13th-14th & November 18th

Sirens in Bliss by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak

Release Blitz: December 3rd

Bookstagram Blitz: December 3rd

Blog Tour: December 4th-5th & December 9th

Kiss Me With Lies by S.M. Soto

Landon and Shay: Part Two

Release Blitz: December 4th

Bookstagram Blitz: December 4th 

Blog Tour: December 5th & December 9th-10th

Landon & Shay by Brittainy C. Cherry

Release Blitz: January 14th
Bookstagram Blitz: January 14th
Blog Tour: January 15th-16th & January 20th

Getting Off Easy by Erin Nicholas

Smartypants Romance Master List

Release Blitz: December 30th
Bookstagram Blitz: December 30th

Blog Tour: January 6th-8th

Releasing Keanu by Siobhan Davis

Release Blitz: December 15th

Bookstagram Blitz: December 15th
Blog Tour: December 16th-17th & December 21st

Vampire Master (A Vampire Queen Series: Club Atlantis Standalone) by Joey W. Hill

Release Blitz: December 10th

Bookstagram: December 10th
Blog Tour: December 11th-12th & December 16th-17th

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

Release Blitz: November 14th

Bookstagram Blitz: November 14th
Blog Tour: November 18th-20th

Daddy Issues by Liv Morris 

Teaser Campaign

Release Blitz: November 19th
Blog Tour: November 20th-22nd

Outmatched by Kristen Callihan & Samantha Young

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